Mission adjusts its mowing cycle to your grass's lifecycle

A network of local weather stations tells Mission how fast your grass is growing and Mission adjusts its work cycle accordingly. Automatically.

Your Mission will never become obsolete

We never stop studying, testing, or improving. And we share our latest findings with your Mission with our seamless, over-the-air software updates.

Give your lawn the perfect Mission

There's a Mission for your lawn. From the compact Nano to the top-of-the-range with obstacle avoidance, no matter what you choose, all Mission models feature Wi-Fi connectivity

Designed and built to last. Season after season.

Since 1966, generations of professional users have trusted Kress power tools for their quality, dependability and durability. Your Kress Mission robotic lawn mower is designed and built to the same high quality standards that have made the Kress brand an icon of Made in Germany.